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A dog never stops learning. As our society is demanding more and more obedient and socialised dogs, good training is imperative.


When having a new dog, certain courses are obligatory in Switzerland. What courses have to be completed depends on the breed and size of the dog.


In addition to the compulsory courses, we offer a diverse range of training to occupy and further the dog in a fun way as well as to strengthen the bond between dog and owner. 

Getting a dog makes the owner responsible for insuring that this dogs life is as species appropriate as possible. This means that the owner must instruct the dog in a clear manner on how to behave in our human environment. The key to the dog is and will always be the wolf, as even the tiniest dog is a descendant of the wolf.

Basic obedience will be taught without the aid of food or toys. A bond of trust schould be built between the dog and the owner,  which is based on mutual respect and understanding. The dog learns that cooperation leeds to succes and will get their reward through attention and share of affection. The owner learns how to lead his/her dog in a manner that is clear, species appropriate and free of conflict, in order to build a solid foundation for their life together.

In our Training for Fun classes it's predominantly about fun and play with the dog. With trick excersices, trailing, puzzle games and little parcours the dogs and owners are challanged and furthered. These courses are supposed to give the owners some ideas for how to have fun with their dog at home and show the dogs how the greatest and most exciting things happen with their owner. Within this context we like to work with food/toys etc. provided their use makes sense. Basic obedience will also often be called into action as it is the foundation for any further work with a dog.

With our private lessons we primarily address dog owners that have come across difficulties with their dogs as well as those who would like to have some support when the dog is moving in or has newly moved in. Proper and species appropriate handling as well as animal protection are imperative to facilitate a relaxed and protected life.

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