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Mélanie Lindgens 

Dog trainer (HIK)

Dog Keeper (FBA)


Ratero Mix

10 Months

7 kg

Instead of siblings I grew up nose to nose with dogs and learned the "dog language" from them...sometimes the hard way. :)

Dogs are my absolute passion and I can't imagine a life wthout them anymore. For that reason I have decided to work professionally with the fur noses and support the dogs and their owners in the area.

I want to help people to better understand their darlings, so they can facilitate a species appropriate, relaxed and happy life.

Little Kismet was abandonned and ran up to me on the street during my holiday. It was love at first sight and she immediatly followed my invitation to come with me. It was one of the most amazing moments in both of our lifes. Kismet is enjoying her time with the other dogs enormously and wants to make friends with everybody, be it dog or human.

The goal of my dog school is to further the relationship and the trust between dog and owner as well as the safety and wellbeing of dogs, owners and their surrounding world.

At dog care the dogs get the opportunity to be in a pack and have contact with their conspecifics, to run and to play. This has a very positive effect on their slef-confidencean their equilibrium. Also it relieves the owners, as they know that they are safe and well looked after.

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