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With Canima we are moving on a a path towards a stronger relationship between dogs and men. We invite you to join us on this journey to build a strong connection with you dog that goes beyond fun and obedience. A relationship that is based on mutual respect, trust and love. Our dogschool is about not simply concentrating on fulfilling certain tasks and behaviours, but to build a unit, a team, a real partnership. Professional dog and owner education is not a "walk in the park", it is hard and demanding work for all parties included, but it is also highly rewarding.

The purpose of our dog care is to relieve the dog owners in our area, when the beloved four-legged friend can really not join their activities. In a very small pack and familiar setting we give the dogs a secondary home, where they can feel safe and in good hands. With us the dogs experience days rich in varietey  with a lot of excersise and fun as well as enough periods of rest and cuddles, just as they need it.

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