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Canima is a little different as a dog care. Unlike the big dog care centers and dog pounds we give your darling a feeling of second home when he or she is a guest with us.


It’s imperative for us that the dogs in our care get enough attention and affection and especially that nobody is passed over. That’s why we purposely keep the groups small.


To be able to provide our holiday guests with enough attention and a familial setting we keep the overnight groups even smaller.


In every weather one will mainly find us outside. Long walks (min. two per day) and integration of games, such as retrieving and searching, are part of the daily exercise program. We of course vary with and adapt to the pack, and take age, breed and physique of the dogs into consideration.


After running and playing there are relaxation phases in our home or garden. During those there are lots of cuddles, a little chewing on a tasty bone here and there or they just enjoy the sunshine on their fur.

Our holiday guests have their bed next to ours at night. Kennels wont be found with us!


Basic obedience and social behaviour are very important in a pack and are a prerequisite.


As we like to let the dogs run free on the walks, we especially practice the recall with our guests.


The first get-together with us takes place in form of a trial walk. This way we can see you darlings general behaviour and you have the opportunity to get questions answered or discuss special requierements (medication, allergies, commands etc.).

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Our dog care is an establishment with licence of the Veterinärsamt of Kanton Zurich. 



  • Basic obedience (call-back, stay, leash walking and no) needs to be in place


  • Non-aggressivness is imperative

  • Female dogs must be castrated


  • Youngsters are taken in at the earliest after reaching six months of age

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